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Affordable Housing Helps Texas Families Lead Healthier Lives

Families with stable and safe housing are able to lead healthier and more secure lives than those who face housing insecurity. That’s why Elevance Health Anthem, Inc., the parent company of Amerigroup Texas, has invested $85 million to develop affordable housing across Texas — and to provide needed services and resources to the families who live there.

These initiatives include Balcones Trails, a new community that Amerigroup is developing in Kyle, together with partners LDG Development and the Capital Area Housing Finance Corporation.

When it’s finished in 2023, Balcones Trails will feature 276 high-quality apartments for families earning up to 60% of the local median income.

“At Amerigroup, we focus in on whole-person health. We know that a person’s health is well beyond the physical, mental, and behavioral services that you typically associate with Medicaid benefits. The lack of affordable housing impacts the very nature and fiber of our society.”

Greg Thompson, CEO, Amerigroup Texas

That’s especially true in Kyle, a fast-growing suburb south of Austin — a region where housing prices have been increasing for years (site requires subscription). From teachers and nurses to public employees and service workers, many local residents struggled to find safe and affordable places to raise their families and plant roots in the community.

The video demonstrates that families who move into Balcones Trails will have more than a roof over their heads. Amerigroup will have “boots on the ground” in that community to support residents in everything from getting food during emergencies to securing child care, so they don’t have to miss work.

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