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Increasing Access to Care

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TORCH Partnership Means More than $500,000 for Rural Healthcare Providers

Amerigroup is distributing more than a half a million dollars in grants to rural health clinics and hospitals — adding resources that Texas desperately needs to support providers in rural areas.
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Presidio Programs Show Amerigroup’s Rural Health Work

Amerigroup Texas serves more than 1 million Texans in almost every corner of this state. It’s our mission to help people get healthy and stay healthy, and one of the best, most rewarding ways we do that is by strengthening communities.
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Resources Available for Uvalde Victims and Families — and All of Texas

Texas is part of Amerigroup’s fabric. Like people across our state, we ache and grieve for the children and teachers who were murdered last week in Uvalde, their devastated families, and the entire community. When our state suffers, we are here.
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Supportive Pregnancy Care Redefines Health, Reinvents Healthcare, and Fortifies Communities

Amerigroup aspires to be a lifetime, trusted health partner for the people we serve. For more and more Texans, that partnership begins even before they’re born.
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Fortifying Harris County Communities with State-of-the-Art Health Kiosks

Late last month, Amerigroup Texas unveiled three state-of-the-art automated health kiosks in high-traffic courthouse annexes across the eastern part of Harris County (which includes Houston).
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Amerigroup Pregnancy Care Reaches Out to Mothers and Babies

Amerigroup Texas believes the best health care is centered on patients. For pregnant women and parents, that means personalized prenatal care and support delivered in a way that works for their lives. Read more>

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