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Amerigroup Advances Health Equity Initiative with National Accreditation

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Amerigroup is focused on redefining health and strengthening communities — and increasing health equity is fundamental to that mission.

So we’re proud to be the first Texas health plan to earn the National Committee on Quality Assurance’s (NCQA) Health Equity Accreditation.

This three-year accreditation demonstrates and reaffirms Amerigroup’s commitment to improving health equity and prioritizing the healthcare needs of historically marginalized communities, both economically and socially. 

“Amerigroup is laser-focused on helping people to get healthy and stay healthy which simply isn’t possible without an equally strong focus on equity. Everyone deserves access to excellent healthcare, no matter what, and this accreditation demonstrates our commitment to that principle. We have to ensure that care and services are accessible and equitable for all Texans, regardless of their backgrounds or circumstances.”

Greg Thompson, President, Amerigroup Texas

NCQA’s accreditation amplifies Amerigroup’s work to address the unique needs of diverse communities by examining the underlying causes of healthcare disparities. Such work falls under Amerigroup’s philosophy of “health equity by design,” which emphasizes intentional actions and proactive behaviors to design compassionate healthcare solutions that demonstrate humility and reduce inequities.

That work and philosophy is manifest in Amerigroup team members’ efforts to achieve health and wellness for entire families and communities by listening, respecting, and engaging with people to understand cultures, values, beliefs, and lifestyles in meaningful ways.

This unwavering commitment to equity springs from Amerigroup’s vision for an innovative, whole-person, well-coordinated system of care that addresses both medical and socioeconomic drivers of health and promotes health equity.

“Amerigroup has always prioritized health equity, and working toward meeting and exceeding NCQA standards has made our efforts across Texas even more effective,” Thompson said. “It encourages team members to be more strategic — and it drives us to continue advancing and elevating healthcare across the diverse communities we serve.”

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