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Fortifying Harris County Communities with State-of-the-Art Health Kiosks

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Amerigroup is committed to redefining health and fortifying communities. That means meeting people where they are — and where they sometimes need to go during the day.

Late last month, Amerigroup Texas unveiled three state-of-the-art automated health kiosks in high-traffic courthouse annexes across the eastern part of Harris County (which includes Houston). In these areas, communities face greater health challenges and lower levels of health coverage than in other parts of the county. Amerigroup sponsored the projects in collaboration with Commissioner Adrian Garcia, whose Precinct 2 covers most of eastern Harris County.

The ACCESS2HEALTH Kiosks measure blood pressure, weight, body mass index, and pulse rate. If a user’s readings show signs of risk of heart disease, stroke or other risk factors, those users are given literature — or in extreme cases, instructed to visit a doctor immediately.

“These kiosks give people the health information they need in a simple, accessible way as they go about their lives. They will help people get healthy and stay healthy, and they will help save people’s lives. These are the Cadillac of health kiosks. Putting them in accessible locations furthers our mission of reinventing healthcare by redefining what’s possible for people who want and need to keep up with their health.”

LaTreace Harrison, Director for Case Management and Clinical Programs for Amerigroup in Texas

The kiosks were installed in three Harris County Courthouse annexes — facilities where residents go for everything from marriage licenses to vehicle registrations to traffic court appointments.

“Precinct 2 residents have the lowest rates of health coverage in Harris County. To deal with this disparity, I’ve instructed my Precinct 2 team to develop innovative ways to bring health services to people, wherever they are and regardless of income,” Commissioner Garcia said. “A lot of things happen in this building. We want people to walk out of this building better than when they came.”

Judge Joe Stephens, a Justice of the Peace for Harris County, works in the Jim Fonteno Annex and also attended the ceremony. He said the kiosks could make a lifesaving difference for people in the community.

“It looks like a small machine,” Judge Stephens said, “but this can actually save someone’s life.”

The American Heart Association also collaborated on the project — pointing to the critical importance of giving people the information they need before devastating problems like heart attacks and strokes can hit.

“Every person deserves the opportunity for a full, healthy life,” said Mel Edwards, Senior Vice President and Executive Director of the American Heart Association Greater Houston. “The American Heart Association is proud to collaborate with Commissioner Garcia and Precinct 2 on this important community health initiative. Thank you, Amerigroup, for supporting our mission for longer, healthier lives.”