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Amerigroup Pregnancy Care Reaches Out to Mothers and Babies

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Amerigroup Texas believes the best health care is centered on patients. For pregnant women and parents, that means personalized prenatal care and support delivered in a way that works for their lives.

That’s why Amerigroup helped launch the Supportive Pregnancy Care initiative in Dallas with collaborators including the March of Dimes and HHM Health.

Supportive Pregnancy Care connects soon-to-be parents earlier with their physicians and other providers. It ensures parents get up-front assessments of their overall condition and likely challenges, and it equips them with skills and knowledge — covering everything from better eating habits to mindfulness and relaxation techniques — to help ensure that they and their babies remain in the best possible health.

It also brings together groups of expectant mothers to help and support each other through the delivery of their babies and beyond. And it gives them more time with their doctors — helping parents to get accurate answers to their questions, and to navigate pregnancies with clarity and confidence.

As our Health Plan President Greg Thompson often says, these small moments make a big difference in the health of parents and babies. By connecting people with physicians and with other soon-to-be parents, this effort meets people where they are and gives them access to the personalized care they need.

Programs like Supportive Pregnancy Care are essential in places like Texas that are working to help improve the health of mothers and babies:

  • The U.S. has the highest maternal death rate among developed nations for childbirth, and Texas ranks worse in maternal mortality than most other states.
  • The 2020 March of Dimes Report Card shows that the Texas’ preterm birth rate rose again for the fifth year in a row, earning the state a “D” grade.

The new Dallas program is open free-of-charge to Amerigroup members and others in the community; for more information, call (469) 637-2777. March of Dimes also operates Supportive Pregnancy Care programs in more than 50 places across more than 30 states. And watch for news about the program launching elsewhere in Texas in coming months.

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