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Healthy Habits Start with a Healthy Heart

At every stage of pregnancy, it’s essential to maintain healthy habits. 

A mom’s healthy diet and lifestyle can provide necessary nutrients and vitamins for a baby’s growth. Healthy habits also reduce the risk of complications such as low birth weight, premature birth, and birth defects.

Amerigroup is committed to supporting mothers at every step of the way. 

Working with March of Dimes, we developed “Healthy Hearts for Moms and Families,” a resource guide of educational videos — all accessible with cell phones through QR codes — that help moms to be healthier and babies to be stronger.

The video collection includes tutorials on how to use a blood pressure cuff, understand the difference between hypertension and preeclampsia, and manage diabetes through pregnancy. Mothers are also taught how to add heart-healthy options to their diets. 

“These kinds of collaborations affirm Amerigroup’s commitment to health equity and access — they fortify communities by redefining health for moms and babies. We’re working through projects like this to increase health equity for everyone. Our partnership encourages, empowers, and educates parents through their journey and beyond.”

Dr. Courtney Carmicheal

Here are links to the videos:

The series also aims to address the country’s maternal and infant health crisis, in which parents and babies of color disproportionately suffer from serious health issues, said Amy Johnson-Rubio, Maternal and Child Health director at March of Dimes.

“Better access to information can make a crucial difference in a pregnancy. The key is to make sure they can access that information,” Johnson-Rubio said. “We’re grateful to work with Amerigroup to reach people where they are and create these avenues to get them resources that they need.”

Healthy habits during pregnancy can also have long-term benefits for a child’s health, reducing the risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease later in life. 

They can also positively impact the mother’s health, reducing the risk of complications during pregnancy and making it easier to recover after birth.

By following healthy habits during pregnancy, mothers can set their children on the path toward a healthy and prosperous life.

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