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Innovative Virtual Health Program Helps Texas Families Avoid the Emergency Room

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Seeking care at an emergency room can be among the most stressful experiences for families and their young children. Emergency rooms are also some of the most costly administrators of care.

So when a virtual health company called TytoCare developed an innovative program to help families of young children who have a history of frequenting the ER, Amerigroup jumped at the chance to bring the solution to Texas.

Amerigroup launched the TytoHome virtual healthcare pilot program, which is focused on families with children ages 2–4 who regularly visit the ER due to recurring illnesses such as ear infections, sore throats, and upper respiratory infections. The program provides innovative technology to families that allows them to conduct physical exams at home, any time of the day or week. It also connects the families with expert guidance when they need it, without the need for stressful visits to the ER.

Hundreds of Texas families have already enrolled in the program, and Amerigroup is working to identify and invite additional families who could benefit from it. TytoHome has delivered 59 percent more accurate diagnoses than traditional telehealth solutions, and it has successfully resolved 98 percent of incidents without in-person follow-up appointments.

“This initiative is helping families take back control of their children’s health. It ensures that families have more control — and more access to resources — from the comfort of their own homes.”

Dr. Cealee Thomas, Medical Director, Amerigroup Texas

Amerigroup’s TytoHome program connects families with health experts, telehealth support, and state-of-the-art tools to conduct home health exams. Program participants receive a technology kit that includes an exam camera and equipment to conduct heart, throat, lung, abdomen, ear, skin, temperature, and other exams. They then get live support to learn how to use the equipment and a TytoCare app, as well as how to connect with live support from licensed virtual clinicians. All program participants also receive ongoing technical support to help them become comfortable with the technology, and to learn how and when to conduct exams.

The TytoHome solution has been cleared by the FDA and been proven to effectively reduce the cost of care burden by averting costly medical emergencies and ER visits. Additionally, it helps reduce health disparities by ensuring vulnerable families have access to advanced resources that can help keep their children healthy.

“No child or parent wants to go to the emergency room, so Amerigroup has taken on the challenge of helping families improve and sustain their children’s health,” said Greg Thompson, President of Amerigroup Texas. “Amerigroup’s TytoHome initiative furthers our goal of redefining healthcare and fortifying Texas communities. We are thrilled for the opportunity to pilot such a cutting-edge solution, which removes barriers, makes healthcare simpler and reduces health disparities across our state.”

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