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Resources Available for Uvalde Victims and Families — and All of Texas

We're here for Texas

A message from Greg Thompson, President of Amerigroup Texas:

Texas is part of Amerigroup’s fabric. Like people across our state, we ache and grieve for the children and teachers who were murdered last week in Uvalde, their devastated families, and the entire community.

When our state suffers, we are here.

If you or your loved ones need help — especially in the Uvalde area, where Amerigroup is a principal Medicaid and Medicare services provider — please consider these resources:

  • Help Searching for Resources: Amerigroup has deployed more than a dozen tech-enabled health and support kiosks to Uvalde — as well as a dedicated team of Amerigroup representatives to help people use them. The kiosks help people find free or low-cost healthcare services or other resources addressing basic needs such as food, housing, utility assistance, employment, education, childcare, and transportation. They are available at the Education Service Center and multiple AVANCE Head Start locations in Uvalde.
  • Amerigroup Associate Giving Program: The Amerigroup Foundation is matching donations made by associates of Amerigroup Texas and affiliated health plans across the nation. Associate donations and matching funds will be distributed directly to Feeding America, Mental Health America, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, and United Way Worldwide — all of which are providing support in Uvalde.
  • American Red Cross Support: The American Red Cross has on-the-ground teams providing relief to Uvalde victims and their families. The Red Cross is among the range of nonprofit organizations that the Amerigroup Foundation supports to help provide onsite relief during tragedies and disasters — the foundation is a $1 million-level partner in the organization’s Annual Disaster Giving Program.

This is not the first tragedy we’ve responded to in Texas. At every stage and through every challenge, Amerigroup is here to help Texans and Texas communities heal.

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