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Amerigroup COVID Clinics Protect Texas Communities

parent and child with doctor

Healthcare works best when people can get to it. As Texas works to overcome the pandemic, Amerigroup is bringing health care to them.

For months, Amerigroup Texas has hosted COVID vaccination clinics across the state. In every one, we have worked with a variety of partners to raise awareness about the clinics and provide vaccines — free of charge — to as many people in the community as possible.

“It makes a huge difference to offer these services within a community, where people live and work, and not force them to seek out essential care like this vaccine,” said Greg Thompson, Amerigroup Texas’ President and CEO. “We want to help our members get healthy, stay healthy, and enjoy the day-to-day health that lets them live their lives.”

This summer alone, Amerigroup has hosted clinics in Houston (in partnership with State Rep. Armando WalleAmerigroup, the Cathedral of St. Matthew, and the Airline Improvement District); Dallas (working with State Sen. Royce West, the New Millennium Bible Fellowship Praise Center, the Pleasant Grove Ministerial Alliance, and Market Street Stores); and in myriad other cities and towns where Amerigroup is serving Texans.

The clinics demonstrate the vital importance of ensuring that every Texan who wants a vaccine can get one. Often, that doesn’t mean simply having enough shots; it means going the extra mile — often into historically underserved neighborhoods — to work with community partners so people will know about them and be able to get them.

“The science that created these vaccines is amazing, but it isn’t enough. People need to be able to access these treatments in ways that work with their jobs and families,” Rep. Walle said. “By making vaccines free and accessible, these kinds of clinics save lives.”

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