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Amerigroup-Pyx Partnership Targets Loneliness and Isolation that Undermine Health

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Mental and emotional health crises don’t stick to office hours — and Amerigroup wants to be sure that Texans who rely on us for care can get the care they need, when they need it.

That’s why we partnered with Pyx Health, a tech-enabled services company, to combat loneliness and social isolation across Texas.

Loneliness and isolation afflict about two-thirds of the population, contribute to obesity, potentially increase mortality by 45%, and cost the U.S. economy more than $400 billion every year. Amerigroup partnered with Pyx to offer Texans an innovative technology solution that detects loneliness among users.

Pyx developed a suite of precise indicators that inform its proprietary Loneliness Index, which identifies people at risk for chronic loneliness and isolation. Pyx then engages members with intentional, consistent human intervention — building trusted connections, providing support, and improving lives. Members can access Pyx Health and be connected to resources at any time of day.

Amerigroup is working with Pyx to roll the solution out to Texas members who are at higher risk of loneliness and social isolation, said Amerigroup Texas President Greg Thompson. He added that the initiative reflects Amerigroup’s commitment to finding innovative solutions that address its members’ whole health needs.

“We understand that the behavioral health impacts of loneliness and social isolation can take a significant toll on a person’s physical health — fueling issues such as dementia, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. By addressing root-cause behavioral and emotional challenges, we can successfully mitigate health emergencies, improve health outcomes, and continue to make a positive impact across Texas.

Greg Thompson, President and CEO, Amerigroup Texas

Research shows that people with chronic loneliness live in a state of “fight or flight” that’s triggered by the stress of their isolation. This can distort their perception of reality and create unhealthy cycles of reclusion that they have a hard time breaking. Such cycles increase the risk of hospitalization and contribute to chronic disease and obesity.

By addressing these issues, Amerigroup and Pyx Health are changing the landscape of care — improving health, reducing use of costly emergency-room and inpatient care, and creating significant savings on healthcare costs.

“Pyx Health’s vision is to tackle loneliness where it matters most, for everyone who needs it,” said Cindy Jordan, founder and CEO of Pyx Health. “Through a combination of human support and accessible technology, we are able to successfully help people reconnect to their healthcare, their loved ones, and their community.”