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Redefining Children’s Health by Empowering Families in the Metroplex

Health is about more than healthcare. It’s about the food people can eat, the places they can play and exercise, and a variety of other factors that shape their lives.

These factors are the focus of a landmark collaboration between Amerigroup Texas and PM Pediatric Care — the nation’s largest provider of specialized pediatric urgent care, with nearly 100 locations in more than 15 states. Together, we developed a program with the potential to reach nearly 300,000 children across the Dallas-Ft. Worth area who may be at risk for hunger and food insecurity, housing instability, and childcare concerns.

This groundbreaking Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) screening program, which launched this year at the PM Pediatric Urgent Care location on the Dallas Children’s Health main campus, advances both organizations’ commitment to improving health and wellness for entire families. The program bridges the resource gap by connecting families in need with social service agencies, nonprofit groups, providers, and other support systems that can help address their specific needs.

“Amerigroup Texas is deeply invested in redefining health around the whole person. These kinds of collaborations are central to that mission. Working with PM Pediatric Care, we’ll meet people where they are and connect them with resources that speak to their unique circumstances and help them to lead healthy lives.”

Greg Thompson, President, Amerigroup Texas

The project focuses on children and families visiting the urgent care center — screening them for key health drivers that can shape their physical, mental, and behavioral well-being.

Since its launch, the program has screened more than 6,000 families and connected more than 300 families to much-needed resources. Amerigroup’s Community Resource Link and case managers help families access those resources — well after they’ve gone home from the clinic.

This type of innovative approach to care can transform the health and wellness landscape — redefining health and strengthening communities in Dallas and beyond.

It also reflects Amerigroup’s commitment to developing meaningful relationships with local communities. Across Texas, we are listening to and engaging with families to take a more holistic approach to health.

We’re proud to be part of this transformative journey, and we’re excited for the positive change it will bring to children and families in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex and across Texas.

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