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Amerigroup Georgia Partners with Local Universities and Colleges to Increase Access to Care for Rural and Medically Underserved Communities

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The Amerigroup Rural Medicine Scholarship will support expansion of the health care workforce across the Peach State

Amerigroup Georgia today announced a scholarship to expand the number of frontline workers across the state, increase access to care, and improve health equity in Georgia’s rural areas. The Amerigroup Rural Medicine Scholarship is a $300,000 investment given to select Universities and Colleges that will cover tuition costs for native Georgians aspiring to serve as primary care physicians, mental health professionals and certified nurse midwives in rural Georgia. This funding will help build and maintain a robust network of highly skilled healthcare providers in some of Georgia’s most vulnerable communities.

“Amerigroup is committed to closing the gap in health disparities and supporting Georgia’s workforce through the implementation of innovative solutions that can reinvent healthcare across the state. We continue to pioneer solutions to usher in a new era of equitable healthcare that works better for everyone, and we are pleased for the opportunity to bring these solutions to our University partners.”

Mel Lindsey, President, Amerigroup Georgia

The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) projects that 37 states will have shortages of primary care physicians by 2025. Twelve states, including Georgia, will have deficits of 1,000 or more physicians, due to the aging American population and the number of doctors nearing retirement. Georgia’s projected shortfall of more than 1,300 primary care physicians is the second highest in the nation.

To address these challenges, Amerigroup has established scholarship programs at the following schools:

  • Albany State University – $30,000 to fully fund students who plan to work as rural primary care providers.
  • Georgia College – $111,135 to fund tuition costs for two students pursuing psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner degrees. The scholarships will cover tuition costs for additional students who aspire to work as rural primary care providers.
  • Morehouse School of Medicine’s mobile HEAL Clinic – $35,000 to increase access to healthcare in rural communities. Amerigroup has previously donated $90,000 to the HEAL Clinic, bringing the total investment to $125,000 over the past two years.
  • University of North Georgia – $88,865 to fully fund tuition costs for seven students pursuing family nurse practitioner degrees and who aspire to serve as rural primary care providers.
  • Valdosta State University – $30,000 to fully fund students who plan to work as rural primary care providers.

Recipients of the Amerigroup scholarships must commit to practicing in rural Georgia communities for at least three years upon graduation.

By cultivating partnerships and investing in efforts that address critical priorities across the entire state, Amerigroup has made a commitment to play a pivotal role in the health and wellbeing of Georgians. This includes efforts around mental health, maternal and children’s health, disease management, secondary education, workforce development, rural health equity and more.

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