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Foster Care

Bridging Gaps: Collaborative Efforts to Improve Behavioral Health Outcomes for Children in Foster Care

Throughout my career as a child and adolescent psychiatrist, I’ve learned that the only consistent aspect of my job is its inconsistency. Each patient brings with them unique challenges and needs, making my work incredibly rewarding and challenging.

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Healing Young Minds and Empowering Families Through Transformative Therapy

Children’s mental health significantly affects their development, influencing their thoughts, feelings, and actions across every facet of their lives – at home, in school, and when forming relationships. Swiftly addressing behavioral health challenges in children is crucial – not only to improve their current well-being but also to ensure a healthy transition into adulthood.

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Amerigroup Georgia Collaborates With Renowned Parenting Expert And Foster Care Advocate Dr. John DeGarmo For Statewide “Tour” To Address Urgent Foster Care Challenges

The urgency of this collaboration comes as Georgia faces formidable challenges in its foster care system that requires comprehensive, immediate action.

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Amerigroup Georgia Leads the Nation in Providing Comfort Cases to Every Child in Georgia Foster Care

On any given day, there are over 390,000 children in foster care in the US and almost 12,000 children in foster care in Georgia. Many are removed from their homes with minimal personal belongings, often given only a trash bag to carry what little they have.

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The Crucial Need for Mental Health Supports in Georgia’s Foster Care System

Georgia’s foster care system plays a vital role in providing care and stability for children and adolescents who have experienced trauma. However, ensuring the overall well-being of these youth requires accessible and quality mental health services for them and their families.

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Summer Reading for Educators: How to Improve Outcomes for Foster Children

Children in foster care often face considerable challenges that make achieving success in school difficult. As a result, they may fall behind their peers, missing out on the chance to establish a solid educational foundation in subjects like reading, writing, and basic math. This lack of foundational skills can hinder their future learning and overall achievements.

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Putting Hope in Action for Georgia’s Foster Children

Hope is my brand and who I am at my core. I fundamentally believe in the very definition of hope: an expectation for something to happen. For nearly three decades, I’ve worked to improve child welfare and social services policy across the country, including as Director of the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services. So I know just how important it is that children, families, and those working to support them never lose hope..”

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Hometown Hero: Georgia Foster Parent Spotlight

To the community of Omega, Lamar Burkett is known as the Pastor of Bridge Creek, Primitive Baptist Church. But to 26 foster kids, he has been known as “dad.”

Together with his wife, Valerie, Lamar is known for his contributions to the foster care system – including being an adoptive parent for nearly four decades and a foster parent for the last 20 years.

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Amerigroup Georgia Launches Network Design Team to Improve Treatment Services, Placement, and Caregiver Support for Youth in Foster Care

Amerigroup Georgia today announced the formulation of its Network Design Team, a strategic initiative that brings together industry leaders to formulate actionable strategies that fill critical gaps in treatment services, placement and caregiver support for the 32,000 youth served by Georgia Families 360°.

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The International Association of Approved Basketball Officials, Inc. and Amerigroup Georgia Partner for Workforce Development Program

Amerigroup Georgia and the International Association of Approved Basketball Officials, Inc. (IAABO) today announced a partnership to train individuals from underserved communities across Atlanta, including youth transitioning out of foster care, to become basketball officials.

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The Multi-Agency Alliance for Children Partners with Amerigroup Georgia to Provide Workforce Training and Employment Opportunities to Young Adults Who Have Experienced Foster Care

Every year, hundreds of young adults age out of the foster care system in Georgia. Many have experienced varying degrees of abuse and neglect, often without the tools to appropriately process their trauma.

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Georgia Families 360⁰ Youth Advisory Council

The Georgia Families 360° Youth Advisory Council (YAC) is comprised of a group of young people ages 16 – 24 across the state of Georgia who serve as advocates for youth in care.

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Comfort Cases Packing event for Georgia Children in Foster Care

Every child deserves to pack their belongings in a special bag that they can call their very own.
In honor of National Adoption Awareness Month, Amerigroup Georgia partnered up with Comfort Cases to fill over 200 backpacks with new personal care items for Georgia youth in foster care at a “Packing Party” in Atlanta, GA.

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Amerigroup Georgia & GoMo Health are Leading the Way in Early Intervention with Launch of Mobile Concierge Program for Families with an Autism Spectrum Diagnosis

Amerigroup Georgia and GoMo Health have announced the launch of their new evidence-based Early Intervention Concierge program, an integrated digital therapeutic that supports parents and caregivers of children with autism.

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