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Job Placement Partnerships Improve Whole-Person Health

Resilient communities are built through collaboration and support. That’s why Amerigroup Texas doesn’t stop at providing healthcare services; we focus on finding innovative ways to improve people’s whole health — and to help communities thrive in the process.

Our latest video showcases heartwarming stories of Houstonians with special needs who’ve been empowered through Amerigroup’s partnerships with mission-driven organizations such as The H.E.A.R.T. Program and Summerhouse Houston. These partnerships provide vital, meaningful job opportunities for young adults with developmental disabilities.

This video showcases the profound impact that the partnerships have on people with special needs and their families. It also demonstrates the critical importance of employment, not only for people’s self-esteem, but also for their development and overall health. 

In 2015, Walt Cameron began bringing his son, Cole, to Summerhouse. Through that program, Cole eventually found work at Chick-fil-A. Cameron said it’s been “wonderful” watching his son take pride in his work.

“A lot of these kids, when they get out of high school, sit at home and do nothing. They have no socialization, and they regress.”

Walt Cameron, Summerhouse Board Member

Connecting people with jobs conveys the same sense of purpose and self-worth that able-bodied people get from professional work, said Seth Malin, Executive Director of The H.E.A.R.T. Program.

That has a profound impact on mental and emotional health, which in turn supports whole-person health. It’s another example of how Amerigroup is redefining health in ways that improve the health of humanity.

“Health is about so much more than healthcare. It’s also about building self-confidence and independence, improving mental health, and helping people to thrive in the world,” said Greg Thompson, President and CEO of Amerigroup Texas. “Our work with these groups in Houston — and similar groups across Texas — demonstrates the powerful impact of our efforts to help our members get healthy and stay healthy, while also strengthening the communities where they live.”

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