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Working in Texas

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Amerigroup Texas helps improve health care access and quality for over 1 million Texans. We develop innovative programs and services that treat people when they are sick, help them stay healthy, and promote healthier communities. We assure consumers of care that is accessible, accountable, comprehensive, integrated, and centered on people.

We collaborate with community organizations to help people become active participants in their health care. Our programs empower people to choose and sustain a healthy lifestyle. We are passionate about making health care simpler for Texans, and we have spent more than 20 years building relationships with providers, advocates, and organizations who share our commitment to addressing health disparities and improving outcomes.

Thomas’ Story Shows How Amerigroup Used Data to Reimagine Healthcare

An accident overturned Thomas’s life. Amerigroup Texas is helping him put it back together.

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What Edgar Scissorhands Means for El Paso Children with Autism

Edgar “Scissorhands” Guerrero had been cutting hair for about a decade when his cousin asked him to cut her son’s hair. The boy’s autism made haircuts a difficult experience — children with autism often are distressed by the noise or have trouble sitting still.

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Amerigroup Texas and YMCA Fort Worth Join Forces to Combat High Blood Pressure

Amid the hustle of everyday life, it’s easy to overlook basics like blood pressure.

That almost cost AJ McCleod his life.

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Amerigroup and EVERFI Deliver Critical Mental Wellness and Healthcare Literacy Lessons to Texas Students

Amerigroup Texas and EVERFI, Inc., a leading educational software developer, are working together to help the next generation of Texans lead healthier, happier lives. The organizations recently launched a groundbreaking initiative to make mental health education and healthcare literacy more accessible to young Texans.

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Job Placement Partnerships Improve Whole-Person Health

Resilient communities are built through collaboration and support. That’s why Amerigroup Texas doesn’t stop at providing healthcare services; we focus on finding innovative ways to improve people’s whole health — and to help communities thrive in the process.

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A Powerful Partnership Helping Providers and Patients

“I’ve learned more in the last five days than I had over the last year.”

That’s Jade Pool. Jade was one of 30 people on TCOM’s medical mission trip to rural and border communities in West Texas this summer.

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Helping Rebuild Communities when Disasters Strike

In June, a series of tornadoes devastated two small towns in West Texas — Perryton and Matador — leaving behind a trail of destruction and heartache. Amerigroup Texas responded with an on-the-ground presence in each community, offering assistance and relief to those in need.

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Amerigroup Foundation’s $450,000 Grant to the Houston Food Bank Extends Food as Medicine Program to Improve the Lives of Texans

Amerigroup funds allow the Houston Food Bank to continue and expand Texas’s first of its kind Food Rx program over the next three years, with two new service models being piloted in Houston and Baytown.

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Redefining Children’s Health by Empowering Families in the Metroplex

Health is about more than healthcare. It’s about the food people can eat, the places they can play and exercise, and a variety of other factors that shape their lives. These factors are the focus of a landmark collaboration between Amerigroup Texas and PM Pediatric Care — the nation’s largest provider of specialized pediatric urgent care, with nearly 100 locations in more than 15 states.

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Ropes Course Investment Will Shape Students’ Health

Every child deserves to play. 

But children with special needs face unique challenges, especially around accessibility and safety, that limit their opportunities. These disadvantages can dramatically shape children’s lives, interfering with their learning and development. 

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With the Boys & Girls Club, Amerigroup Takes on Mental Health in Rural Texas

Girls and boys bus-in from as far as 30 miles away to take advantage of the Club’s resources. As much as 80% of the Vernon community (population roughly 10,000) has, at one point or another, plugged into the resources that the Boys & Girls Club offers.

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COVID Test Kits Deliver Care to Texans Who Need It

For families, health starts at home. But as the pandemic shifts to a new phase, more and more Texas families are having trouble getting the COVID-19 test kits they need to protect children and parents.

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Healthy Habits Start With a Healthy Heart

At every stage of pregnancy, it’s essential to maintain healthy habits. 

A mom’s healthy diet and lifestyle can provide necessary nutrients and vitamins for a baby’s growth. Healthy habits also reduce the risk of complications such as low birth weight, premature birth, and birth defects.

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Amerigroup Laundry Day Addresses Critical Needs in Taylor

It’s easy to take clean clothes for granted — until you have to live without them. 

Clean clothes open up opportunities and contribute to a sense of dignity. For people suffering from extreme disparities and hardships, they provide reassurance. 

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Amerigroup and Community Partners Fight Hunger in Houston

Amerigroup’s purpose is to improve the health of humanity. For many Texans, that starts with a healthy meal.

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Event Highlights Connection Between Jobs and Health for Texans with Disabilities

Meaningful employment is a critical social determinant of health. Unfortunately, many young people with disabilities cannot find work, often due to implicit bias and societal barriers.

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Amerigroup Advances Health Equity Initiative with National Accreditation

Amerigroup is focused on redefining health and strengthening communities — and increasing health equity is fundamental to that mission.

So, we’re proud to be the first Texas health plan to earn the National Committee on Quality Assurance’s (NCQA) Health Equity accreditation.

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Amerigroup Supports Mobile Clinics, Increasing Healthcare Access in Rural Texas

Texas has the nation’s largest number of people lacking regular access to healthcare. The problem has grown even worse in recent years as more and more rural hospitals and clinics shuttered, stranding Texas communities without the care they need.

To help address this growing challenge, Amerigroup partnered with the School of Nursing at The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, sending mobile health units to rural and underserved communities in Central and South Texas.

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Customizing Healthcare to Meet Patients’ Needs

Medication nonadherence — when patients don’t follow their doctors’ and pharmacists’ instructions in taking prescribed drugs — is one of the nation’s biggest healthcare challenges. It affects nearly half of patients with chronic diseases, creating further health complications. And it leads to more than 100,000 preventable deaths and $100 billion in preventable medical expenses every year.

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Amerigroup Had a Year to Remember in Texas

Amerigroup’s work in Texas in 2022 left much to be proud of — it was really a great year. The success stories, many of which are featured in our Working in Texas blog, are nothing short of inspiring.

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Working with Doulas, Making a Difference for Moms and Babies

Amerigroup is reinventing healthcare in Texas — and for families across the state, doulas have become critical partners in this effort. This video shares the vital care Amerigroup provided to a Dallas-area member, Mulunesh, by connecting her with Delighted to Doula to help her deliver triplets.

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Innovative Virtual Health Program Helps Texas Families Avoid the Emergency Room

Seeking care at an emergency room can be among the most stressful experiences for families and their young children. Emergency rooms are also some of the most costly administrators of care.

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Amerigroup’s Commitment to Rural Health Drives Higher Education Investment

For Amerigroup, improving health and care in Texas means investing in health and medical education. Every day, our work is founded on the pillars of redefining health, reinventing care, and fortifying communities

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Planting Seeds of Health in a Community Garden in Katy

There’s a community garden in Katy, Texas, that supports families who need help.

For people having a hard time making ends meet and facing food insecurity, the garden offers sustenance. For those stuck in a cycle of poverty, it offers gardening lessons. For victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse, it’s a therapeutic outlet.

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These Three Texas Communities Are Healthier, Thanks to Amerigroup/TORCH Partnership

More than a half-a-million dollars in grant funding has started rolling out to rural Texas hospitals and health providers, thanks to a partnership between Amerigroup Texas and the Texas Organization of Rural & Community Hospitals (TORCH).

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Amerigroup Celebrates the Caregivers Who Keep Texans Healthy

For millions of Texans, dedicated caregivers make a crucial difference in daily health and quality of life.

Too often, they don’t get the recognition they deserve.

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Amerigroup Drives Mental Health Solutions through Innovation and Partnerships

Mental healthcare is one of Texas’ biggest needs — and access to that care is one of its biggest challenges, especially for Texans in rural, remote and underserved communities.

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Amerigroup’s Work in Texas Includes Healthcare Policy

Amerigroup Texas focuses on reinventing healthcare and fortifying communities. Sometimes, that means on-the-ground community events, such as our Community Assistance Week that was covered in Spanish by Houston’s Telemundo and Univision stations.

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Amerigroup Connects Struggling Texans with Resources They Need

Amerigroup Texas is upping its on-the-ground presence across the state, connecting people with a wide spectrum of free and low-cost services that improve health, strengthen communities, and help Texans respond to challenges that built up through the pandemic and financial crises.

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Amerigroup’s Financial & Housing Support Improves Health, Fortifies Communities

Far too often, financial and housing problems undermine people’s physical and mental health.

Through a new effort with the East Harris County Empowerment Council, Amerigroup is taking aim at these issues in the Houston area.

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Amerigroup Helps Kids Meals Deliver for Children Who Need Food

For families that struggle to make ends meet, and especially for kids who depend on free and reduced-price lunches, back-to-school season can mean a return to reliable food. But many hungry preschool-aged children don’t have that option.

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Protecting East Texas Food Supplies During Hurricanes and Crises

At Amerigroup Texas, we take a broad view of health to improve lives of our members and our communities. We recognize the importance of whole-person health, and we know that food is medicine.

That’s why we support Newton Food Share — and why we want to make sure it keeps its lights on, no matter the emergency.

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Amerigroup-Pyx Partnership Targets Loneliness and Isolation that Undermine Health

Mental and emotional health crises don’t stick to office hours — and Amerigroup wants to be sure that Texans who rely on us for care can get the care they need, when they need it.

That’s why we partnered with Pyx Health, a tech-enabled services company, to combat loneliness and social isolation across Texas.

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Affordable Housing Helps Texas Families Lead Healthier Lives

Families with stable and safe housing are able to lead healthier and more secure lives than those who face housing insecurity. That’s why Elevance Health Anthem, Inc., the parent company of Amerigroup Texas, has invested $85 million to develop affordable housing across Texas — and to provide needed services and resources to the families who live there.

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Supporting Financial Literacy in San Antonio to Promote Good Health

Financial literacy — managing a paycheck, balancing a budget, and saving for unexpected crises — not only helps families stay fiscally healthy but also helps them improve their physical and behavioral well-being.

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TORCH Partnership Means More than $500,000 for Rural Healthcare Providers

Amerigroup is distributing more than a half a million dollars in grants to rural health clinics and hospitals — adding resources that Texas desperately needs to support providers in rural areas.

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Presidio Programs Show Amerigroup’s Rural Health Work

Amerigroup Texas serves more than 1 million Texans in almost every corner of this state. It’s our mission to help people get healthy and stay healthy, and one of the best, most rewarding ways we do that is by strengthening communities.

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Resources Available for Uvalde Victims and Families — and All of Texas

Texas is part of Amerigroup’s fabric. Like people across our state, we ache and grieve for the children and teachers who were murdered last week in Uvalde, their devastated families, and the entire community.

When our state suffers, we are here.

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