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Working in Texas

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Amerigroup Texas helps improve health care access and quality for over 1 million Texans. We develop innovative programs and services that treat people when they are sick, help them stay healthy, and promote healthier communities. We assure consumers of care that is accessible, accountable, comprehensive, integrated, and centered on people.

We collaborate with community organizations to help people become active participants in their health care. Our programs empower people to choose and sustain a healthy lifestyle. We are passionate about making health care simpler for Texans, and we have spent more than 20 years building relationships with providers, advocates, and organizations who share our commitment to addressing health disparities and improving outcomes.

Supportive Pregnancy Care Redefines Health, Reinvents Healthcare, and Fortifies Communities

Amerigroup aspires to be a lifetime, trusted health partner for the people we serve. For more and more Texans, that partnership begins even before they’re born.

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Fortifying Harris County Communities with State-of-the-Art Health Kiosks

Late last month, Amerigroup Texas unveiled three state-of-the-art automated health kiosks in high-traffic courthouse annexes across the eastern part of Harris County (which includes Houston).

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Central Texas Housing Effort Improves Health and Lives

Amerigroup Texas is improving health and affordability in Central Texas — most recently through a transformative investment in Balcones Trails, a new health-focused apartment community in the fast-growing city of Kyle.

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Amerigroup Contribution Will Help Feed East Texas Families

Amerigroup knows how important it is for Texas families to have access to healthy food. Our recent $25,000 donation to the East Texas Food Bank shows how community-level support can make a huge difference.

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United We Work Connects People with Jobs They’ll Love

For many Texans, good health starts with a good job. Stable employment helps ensure people have the home, food, resources and stability they need to live healthy lives.

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Quality Incentive Payments Reward Innovations that Serve Members & Communities

Amerigroup Texas is laser-focused on the health of our members. We invest so many hours and resources in personalized, proactive and preventive innovations that help more than a million Amerigroup members get healthy and stay healthy.

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Editorial Spotlights Amerigroup-A&M Partnership Targeting Opioid Abuse

Amerigroup Texas and the Texas A&M Health Opioid Task Force joined forces to create the EMPOWER TeleECHO Clinic.

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Video: In Lubbock and Across Texas, Food Is Medicine

Everyday basics – simple things – often play the biggest role in keeping people healthy. But for an alarming number of Texas families, putting enough good food on the table is not a simple matter.

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Video: A Welcome Camp for Young People with Disabilities

Bonnie Perez Ramirez first heard the word “autism” 11 years ago, when a nurse suggested that her son should be diagnosed for it.

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Videos engage on COVID vaccinations — when Texans walk in the door

Amerigroup and The Immunization Partnership created a series of simple but effective animated videos in English and Spanish to encourage people to get vaccinated.

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Amerigroup COVID Clinics Protect Texas Communities

Healthcare works best when people can get to it. As Texas works to overcome the pandemic, Amerigroup is bringing health care to them.

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Amerigroup Project Helps Doulas Care for Parents-To-Be

At Amerigroup Texas, we work to connect people with accessible health care that meets them where they are in their lives. Often, this care comes outside the clinic.

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Amerigroup Pregnancy Care Reaches Out to Mothers and Babies

Soon-to-be parents in Dallas — and their babies — are about to gain a vital new lifeline.

The Supportive Pregnancy Care (SPC) initiative — officially launched today by HHM Health, with critical support from the March of Dimes and Amerigroup Texas — connects parents with vital, personalized prenatal care and support in both individual and group settings.

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Amerigroup Collaborations Deliver Healthy Food in Houston

Good health is about so much more than what happens in a clinic. It’s about improving lives, helping communities, and addressing the factors that shape people’s quality-of-life and wellbeing. 

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