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Thomas’ Story Shows how Amerigroup Uses Data to Reimagine Healthcare

An accident overturned Thomas’ life. Amerigroup Texas is helping him put it back together.

The accident left Thomas in a wheelchair — uncertain of how he would take care of his life or his health. “I didn’t have anyone to talk to who could give me answers,” he said. “[There were] recordings, voicemails, and waiting for calls to be returned that never happened.”

That’s when Amerigroup Texas stepped in. We work with mission-driven partners such as Houston’s Patient Care Intervention Center (PCIC), using data to identify people who are most in need, and to find the most efficient and effective ways to help them.

For Thomas, that meant initiating a care coordination program, making it easier for him to navigate the system and access resources and support.

This exemplifies Amerigroup’s commitment to redefine health by coordinating resources and team members around the day-to-day lives of our members. We helped connect Thomas with Tara Pitts, a senior medical social worker, who in turn ensured he had access to not just care, but also food, income and other resources he needed. 

“She’s performed miracles for me. All of her work, time, and effort is unbelievable. I just appreciate her so very much; she was a godsend.”

Thomas, Amerigroup member

Tara stressed that relationships with members such as Thomas are at least as foundational to her work as data and doctors’ offices. These powerful connections guide and empower Amerigroup members to lead healthier lives. 

“It’s giving you a view to see how we can help the client and let the client know, ‘I’m here for you, and you can trust me,’” she said.

Amerigroup Texas is working to improve the health of humanity. By simplifying processes, breaking down barriers, and fostering genuine connections, we’re reimagining healthcare, one Texan at a time.

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