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Helping Rebuild Communities when Disasters Strike

people speaking in tornado damaged area

Amerigroup has deep roots in Texas. When Texans suffer disasters, our team is prepared to support families, individuals and communities however we can.

In June, a series of tornadoes devastated two small towns in West Texas — Perryton and Matador — leaving behind a trail of destruction and heartache. Amerigroup Texas responded with an on-the-ground presence in each community, offering assistance and relief to those in need.

Amerigroup is committed to helping Texans heal and rebuild when disaster strikes.

The first tornado hit Perryton, a town of about 8,100 people in the Panhandle, on Thursday, June 15. Amerigroup associates were immediately deployed to the makeshift shelter, set up in the Perryton High School Gym, to assess the needs of victims.

We provided iPads to help families stay in touch with loved ones, access important information, and stay updated on recovery efforts. We also opened our Live Health Online, an award-winning telehealth service, to residents at no cost, whether or not they were Amerigroup members. This invaluable resource allowed residents to access acute care and behavioral health services, providing crucial support in the aftermath of the disaster.

Less than a week after disaster in Perryton, another tornado hit the town of Matador, exacerbating the needs in the region. Amerigroup again immediately launched efforts to fortify the community: In partnership with the South Plains Food Bank, we helped distribute essential supplies such as shelf-stable food and fresh fruits and vegetables.

It’s Amerigroup’s mission to improve lives and communities and to simplify healthcare for people who need it. That’s never more important than during a crisis. It’s why Amerigroup rallied to support Perryton and Matador this year, just as we rallied to support Uvalde after the tragic school shooting last year.

Again, we’re deeply rooted in Texas. When our state suffers, so do we. And when disasters strike, we are here to help Texans and Texas communities heal.

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