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Amerigroup’s Commitment to Rural Health Drives Higher Education Investment

Rural Health Endowment

For Amerigroup, improving health and care in Texas means investing in health and medical education.

Every day, our work is founded on the pillars of redefining health, reinventing care, and fortifying communities. By helping to build a pipeline of smart, dedicated, creative doctors — each ready to transform health in communities as they enter the workforce — we can pursue all of these goals.

This work is especially important when it comes to rural healthcare. In Texas and across the country, rural communities are struggling to attract doctors, nurses and other health professionals who can meet the needs of residents.

“Amerigroup is focused on delivering great healthcare in rural communities. To do that, we’re helping prepare students and residents to provide that care when they’re still in school. We work with universities across the state to help prepare students for a career in rural medicine. These investments pay off for students, communities, and all of Texas.”

Greg Thompson, President, Amerigroup Texas

In 2022 alone, Amerigroup funded rural health scholarship programs at the University of Texas at Arlington College of Nursing and Health Innovation, UT Health Houston School of Public Health, and Prairie View A&M University, each for $50,0000.

“These programs make a big difference for our students,” said Jack Tsai, PhD, who is Regional Dean and Professor for the UTHealth School of Public Health — San Antonio Campus. “They also create an important focus. Many students want to work in rural communities, but those opportunities aren’t always clear. By establishing this as a priority early in the process, Amerigroup is helping connect the communities that need physicians and health professionals with the people who want to be there.”

The endowments are just a few of the examples of Amerigroup’s commitment to medical and health education. In communities such as Presidio, Texas, we’re helping fund medical missions that allow medical students and physicians to provide free checkups and basic care to local residents. We also support collaborations between local clinic systems and institutions such as Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, which enable residents to be treated by university faculty.

In addition, we’re working with Texas Tech to develop a new Hispanic Rural Primary Care Center of Excellence program — which will develop a specific curriculum and career path that will enable innovative, dedicated medical students to serve these communities.

“Thinking about healthcare today means thinking about healthcare tomorrow,” Thompson said. “We’re committed to delivering care to our members in rural Texas — and that means investing in the pipeline of creative people who can deliver that care in the years and generations to come.”

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