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Videos engage on COVID vaccinations — when Texans walk in the door

AGPTX photo COVID videos

Through the summer and early fall, the COVID-19 Delta variant shined a wrenching spotlight on the dangers of vaccine hesitancy. Yet despite Texas’ relatively high rates of COVID-related infections and hospitalizations, millions of eligible Texans remained unvaccinated.

In response, Amerigroup Texas partnered with The Immunization Partnership — and with health clinics and public health systems across the state — to reach people wherever and whenever possible … even as soon as they walked in the door.

Amerigroup and The Immunization Partnership created a series of simple but effective animated videos in English and Spanish to encourage people to get vaccinated — and to debunk the misinformation about COVID vaccinations in general.

See the videos here.

The videos began rolling out in Coastal Health & Wellness clinics in Galveston. They have played in clinic waiting rooms, on social media, and through other platforms health care providers use to reach Texans who have put off getting the vaccine.

The segments counter relatively common vaccine misperceptions and falsehoods, such as the belief that the vaccines might change people’s DNA. By targeting patients in clinic waiting rooms, the videos also give doctors, nurses, and health professionals an opportunity to answer patients’ questions and concerns about the vaccines.

“Health care should be simple, and accurate information should be accessible. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case, which is why Amerigroup is proactively stepping up with solutions and resources that have the power to improve lives,” said Greg Thompson, President of the Amerigroup Texas Medicaid Health Plan. “These videos will help ensure that people are being reached in the right place, at the right time, so they can make informed decisions that lead to healthier outcomes and better futures.”

Data from the Texas Department of State Health Services show that as of late October 2021, about 9 million eligible Texans still aren’t fully vaccinated. Nearly two-thirds of the eligible population in Texas is fully vaccinated, according to the agency, and nearly three-fourths of the eligible population have received at least one dose.

You can find links to the videos here.

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