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Quality Incentive Payments Reward Innovations that Serve Members & Communities

Amerigroup Texas is laser-focused on the health of our members. We invest so many hours and resources in personalized, proactive and preventive innovations that help more than a million Amerigroup members get healthy and stay healthy.

Our best assets in this regard are people. That especially includes physicians, clinics and other providers who’ve spent their careers finding new ways to help their patients. We created the Quality Incentive Payments program to reward and encourage innovations that improve wellness, better address chronic conditions, and support the overall health of members and communities.

In just one year, Amerigroup paid $43 million in Quality Incentive Payments to 233 providers

“One of our primary responsibilities to the taxpayers of Texas is to make sure that we are driving the Triple Aim, and that is balancing the cost of health care, increasing the quality of health care, and increasing the satisfaction of our members and our providers. In working with those providers and listening to what their needs are, we can develop programs that really impact the lives that we care for. “

Greg Thompson, President and CEO Amerigroup Texas

The program spurs providers to find new ways of making measurable improvements in the health of Amerigroup members. Carlos Morales, executive vice president of Caprock Home Health Services in Lubbock, said the payments program helps his organization find new, better ways to serve their patients and their community.

“The quality incentive programs allow you to think outside the box and come with your own thought process of putting the patient first, identifying what it is that they need, and how we can accomplish clinical outcomes with nonclinical staff,” Morales said. “By utilizing programs that already exist, we’re combining them into a new model of care that can actually become the standard moving forward.”

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