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Community Partnerships

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Amerigroup Georgia Partners with Local Universities and Colleges to Increase Access to Care for Rural and Medically Underserved Communities

Amerigroup Georgia today announced a scholarship to expand the number of frontline workers across the state, increase access to care, and improve health equity in Georgia’s rural areas.

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Kare Mobile Inc. Partners with Amerigroup Georgia to Improve Oral Health Outcomes Across the State

To increase access to critical dental services and improve oral health outcomes of underserved and rural Georgians, Kare Mobile Inc. and Amerigroup Georgia have partnered to provide much-needed access to dental care in areas across Georgia where Amerigroup members often struggle to find a dentist

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Amerigroup Georgia Supports Students with Disabilities by Offering Mentoring, Networking Opportunities and Scholarships at Local Colleges and Universities in Georgia

During the month of October, Amerigroup Georgia hosted Disability Mentoring Day at local colleges and universities.

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Girls Scouts of Greater Atlanta Service Day Event

Amerigroup Georgia hosted the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta for a fun-filled service day at Amerigroup’s Community Service Center in Atlanta, GA.

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The Children’s Care Network Announces Value-Based Agreement with Amerigroup Georgia

The Children’s Care Network (TCCN) and Amerigroup Georgia entered into a value-based agreement on July 1st that arms health care providers with enhanced data and analytics to effectively coordinate patient care, promote preventive health, manage chronic disease, and lower overall costs.

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Amerigroup Georgia Opens Community Service Center in Southwest Atlanta

Amerigroup Georgia opened its new Community Service Center in Atlanta on Thursday as part of its ongoing efforts to combat inequality in underserved neighborhoods and provide innovative healthcare solutions for communities across the Peach State.

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Amerigroup Georgia Funds $90,000 in Grant Sponsorships to Morehouse School of Medicine H.E.A.L Clinic, Telehealth Kits, and NCRN Rural Community Health Technology Mobilization

Morehouse School of Medicine (MSM) announced today that Amerigroup Georgia has funded $90,000 across three grant sponsorships to MSM health equity efforts that support the critical health needs of underserved, vulnerable Georgians.

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